We are an team that is involved in supporting individuals who are facing health, financial and poverty issues. By investing in our currency, you will be contributing to helping the most disadvantaged among us, while also making a smart investment.
When you purchase our currency, 20% of the amount invested will be allocated to social cases and 20% will be used to maintain the liquidity of the currency. When investing a minimum of 10 dollars, you will have the right to choose the social case where you want the allocated amount to be directed. The publication of cases will be free and they will be sent by e-mail and selected by our team.
By purchasing our currency, you will not only contribute to helping disadvantaged individuals, but you will also make a smart investment and at the same time you will have the opportunity to choose the social case where you want your money to be directed. We are dedicated to providing transparency in the use of funds and thus, the cases will be published on our website with video materials providing a detailed description of the situation. We invite you to join us in this humanitarian endeavor and to make a difference together.”

  • Our token will be available on Pancake Swap, but we plan to expand to other exchanges in the future. We’ll create tutorials to ensure you can use the service with ease, and our community is always ready to assist you with any issues. Keep an eye out for updates on new exchange listings!  We are evaluating the best way to utilize cross-chain services, but our primary focus is BSC. Any decisions regarding this will be communicated to the community for discussion before being implemented.

In the future, we hope to see an increase in the number of teams created in disadvantaged countries, with the goal of helping needy families. These teams should be made up of dedicated and passionate individuals, who work together to provide support and resources to these families. We hope that through these efforts, we can contribute to a better life for people facing financial and social difficulties.

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